About KidzFusion

Stephanie Sterling

Fitness Instructor and Health Educator

Experience + Education

  • Certified Youth Exercise Specialist

  • CPR and First Aid AED Certification

  • Fitness Instructor

  • DSS Approved Trainer for Physical      Fitness





 Our mission is to help fight obesity by showing kids it is fun to be fit!   

Each program is uniquely crafted to keep the attention of children and help them develop emotionally, mentally, and physically.    



Stephanie Sterling was born to become the founder of a business such as KidzFusion.  Her passion for exercise and health began as a child while studying several dance disciplines. Growing up in Greenville, South Carolina, Stephanie developed a deep love for people that translates into a protective instinct to take care of children and help them grow into healthy adults.  She also developed a passion for dance which began from the time she learned to take her first steps. While in elementary school, she took several dance classes and always participated in the dance programs during summer months. As she progressed to middle and high school, her focus switched to step teams and ballet, specifically classical ballet because it allowed her to learn more about technique and performance. She continued with hip hop dance through her college years at USC Upstate, where she obtained a BA in Business Management. Stephanie strived to have the grades it would take to obtain a top-level college education, and her decision to major in business was part of her master plan to own a business in which she could work to better the lives of Upstate children.  


Children have always been as naturally drawn to Stephanie as she is to them. She began babysitting during her teen years and fell in love with their energy and eagerness to learn. While making the decision to go into business, she began researching childhood obesity rates in South Carolina and when she learned that almost 18 percent of our children are obese, it moved her protective instinct into high gear. During her research, she looked at fitness center offerings around the Upstate and learned that they primarily cater to adults. She realized there was a gap and a need for fitness programs specifically for children, where they can have lots of kid-sized fun, get the knowledge and tools to eat healthy and learn to value their bodies as the fine-tuned machines they were designed to be.


Stephanie founded KidzFusion, a mobile kid’s fitness program designed especially for Upstate children to help them overcome obesity and other weight-related issues.  Her goal is to combat childhood obesity so that it in turn, it will defeat adult obesity. The plan and vision is to start locally with those she can immediately help, and eventually scale her initiatives to a much larger National level; changing the lives of children one family at a time.